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Rejuvenation of Nagara Lake

As part of our CSR Activities, we donated Rs.25 lakhs for rejuvenation of Nagarakere Doddaballapura. Lake Rejuvenation is the best way to increase the groundwater level. Will have a very big impact on the life of many people in the form of Drinking water and agriculture.

Name of the lake:
Next to Railway over bridge Doddaballapur (Devanahalli Road)
Area of the lake:
184 Acres
90,000 people of Doddaballapur and agriculture of 3 villages
Approximate cost:
1 crore

Under this venture, just residue will be evacuated and make the lake to assimilate and hold the water. It helps in maintaining a strategic distance from channel/sewage water. The task likewise fabricates the boundry to the lake however No beautification and Fencing of the lake will be taken up as this will cost more, As infringement of the lake is extremely little and keeping in mind that reviving the infringed region will be cleared.

20 years back this lake was the wellspring of Drinking water for Entire Doddaballapur later when the city built up this lake was totally ruined.